Ready Player One

Ready Player One - Ernest Cline I read this book in October. When I had finished reading the book, I immediately went back to amazon and ordered three more copies to make them into Christmas presents for friends who would (I hope!) appreciate it as much as I did.I’m pretty sure that many, many allusions to the pop culture of the 1980s were lost on me, but the reference to John Hughes’ films early on completely won me over from the start. I still can’t believe that a couple of my friends had not seen Breakfast Club or Pretty in Pink or … in their teens, when it counts.As I said, most of the gaming references are lost on me, but that does not mean that I enjoyed the novel less. I love to play video games (if time permits), but I didn’t have access to a computer or said games in the 1980s or 1990s. I believe that I bought my first pc second-hand in 1998 in order to be able to hand in neatly typed papers for my university studies. Mostly though, my parents and I ended up playing silly bubble-shooting games on it, trying to beat each other’s high scores. Anyway, I don’t want to make this review about me and my tech-free past (it just happens!).I enjoyed all the references (that I actually got) to 80s music, film, television, literature, gaming, and culture in general immensely. Again, many (if not most) were too obscure for me to identify with, especially those to television shows broadcasted in the U.S. in that period. Having grown up in the GDR with only two official TV stations (and two or three more that you weren’t supposed to watch because they were broadcasted by the “class enemy” ;)) will do that to you.Still, I love being able to detect references to stuff I know and share a love for. Makes me feel smart and part of the In-Crowd (that’s according to my definition of in-crowd, obviously). All things interdisciplinary and/or pop culture RULE!I also liked the story of the book. There was humour, suspense, and action – even though the protagonists did not actually move that much most of the time. I was even able to excuse the love story. I want more stories of the loose band of outsiders vs. evil, megalomaniac corporation kind, please!All in all: Recommended reading for EVERYONE! (Except my dad, who’d say the book is silly, nonsensical, and totally unrealistic any way. Duh! The old fart! :))