Ragnarok: the End of the Gods (Myths)

Ragnarok - A.S. Byatt I desperately want to like what A.S. Byatt puts out because I’m convinced that she is an awesome person, and I have tried to enjoy several of her other novels, but it seems that her style of writing just isn’t for me. It’s a bit too dry, too boring, and too cold for my liking. The narration seems distant, almost indifferent, and not particularly invested to me.We read about a thin girl in wartime who spends her time I the countryside reading, always returning to this one book about Norse mythology. We read about what she learned and what she liked best about Loki and his children who will eventually bring about the end of the world. There was nothing new to me really and the retelling of old myths not particularly exciting.I have to admit that I was a bit disappointed – until I arrived at the final chapter “Thoughts on myths.” I just love the way Byatt is thinking, how she connects the past (the myths) with the present and the future. The outlook might be bleak, but it’s like she’s putting my very own thoughts into words in an easily accessible and understandable way (much better than I ever could). She is anything but long-winded or complicated. Her conclusions are to the point, and yes, also quite pessimistic.