Nights of Villjamur

Nights of Villjamur - Mark Charan Newton Not a bad start so far. A number of characters have already been introduced and I did not feel sympathetic to a single one yet. But that might change as soon as I learn a bit more about them. Well, one is dead already. :) I like that.Weeeeeell, I just don't know. I connected with none of the characters. I have some hopes that Empress Rika might get the chance to develop something like an interesting character/personality in the next instalment, but I'm not even sure that I will give it a chance for fear of being disappointed. As to all the other characters...I simply don't care what happens to them. I don't! They may be all be swallowed down into some dungeon dimensions for all I care...or be elevated to some sort of heaven. I couldn't even bring myself to dislike them. And I didn't care much for the prose either. I really started thinking about what the author is might possibly be trying to achieve by using certain phrases and constructions several times. Then I thought: "oh well, so you can be coarse and crass. Huh, well done?" Who cares? And then you know all these long and complicated adjectives the meaning of which I would have to look up if only I could be bothered. So, I thought about the author's motivation for a while until that got boring too. Maybe I have to stop reading fantasy for a while, since it gets all so predictable.The novel basically has everything that is needed for an intriguing plot: conspiracies on many different levels, politics, impending doom (i.e. an ice age) with political ramifications, mostly unexplained supernatural stuff galore, evil villains, innocent victims (well, "innocent" being used loosely). Why oh why didn't I like it?! Well, I know, it's because of the protagonists. I could go into detail and list all the things I didn't like about them. The reason why I'm rooting for Rika is that we know almost nothing about her. :o)