Insurgent (Divergent Series #2)

Insurgent (Divergent Series #2) -


I have been putting off writing this review for so long now, I hardly remember anything about Insurgent. That’s how captivating it was for me.

I dimly recall the constant repetition of recurring themes like trust issues and teenage angst making me itch with impatience most uncomfortably. And the whole love drama had me pulling out my hair in strands.

I didn’t care for a single one of the characters. I actually wanted violent things done to them. I felt cheated. I felt stupid. Why did I ever board the hype train when I didn’t share the enthusiasm for Divergent in the first place? Because I’m naturally curious and will read on or keep watching in hopes that action will pick up and plot will make sense and characters will develop (preferably a personality, backbone, common sense, …), that’s why. Nevermore! Before I purchase a second book in a series that didn’t manage to ignite my passion with the first instalment eve a little bit, all books in the waiting to-be-read pile will have to be read, all previous favourites will have to be re-read and (properly) reviewed, all owned DVD collections will have to be re-watched, and the lottery will have to be won.

Or I’ll just forget all my resolutions by the time the next hype train comes along. Damn you all for writing such gloriously enticing reviews that I cannot resist against my better judgment. I should have known that Insurgent wasn’t for me but you made me doubt myself with your eloquently seducing reviews, fellow goodreaders who had the good luck to be blown away by this.