Cute fun - The Ghost and the Goth by Stacey Kade

The Ghost and the Goth - Stacey Kade

The Ghost and the Goth

An entertaining afternoon by courtesy of The Ghost and the Goth.

There is the newly-dead cheerleader, Alona, who wants to know why she is still stuck on Earth and not able to move on into the light or to communicate with anyone. And then there is, very conveniently, Will, who is able to see and hear ghosts but doesn’t want to.

Alona, used to getting what she wants, coerces Will into cooperating to help her find a way out of the current state of affairs.

There are a number of aspects to this novel that are not very well executed, but they don’t really matter, because the novel’s brad and butter is the banter between the two main characters, who develop an entertaining dynamic, with Alone being a bit more fleshed out (despite being a ghost) than angsty Will. The story is told from the alternating POV of Will and Alona and I found myself looking forward to Alona’s chapters more than anything.

It’s fluffy fun if you don’t question certain premises and concepts too much. A bite-size piece of entertainment for a relaxing lazy afternoon.