Locke & Key, Vol. 1: Welcome to Lovecraft - Joe Hill, Gabriel Rodríguez Locke & Key: Welcome to LovecraftAfter the tragic murder of the father, the remaining members of the Locke family move into a big house (with lots of doors) that is situated on an island – in a town called Lovecraft. A-ha!Through flashbacks we learn that the father’s killer was one of his charges at the school where he worked a s a counsellor. This deranged young man with a troubled past and present seems to have been drawn into committing this act of violence by something living in the very house the family is now seeking refuge and the start of a new life in. And there’s (an) Echo in a well… :o)I bought this first book in a series just to see whether I might like it and now that I know I do I have to face the dilemma of urgently having to get my hands on the next instalment but already having spent February’s book budget. Damnit! The artwork is very accessible, almost cute in places, there’s a plethora of open questions at the end and built-up suspense as the reader already knows so much more than the family members who unwittingly invite newly escaped dangers into their midst.