Enchanted Glass - Diana Wynne Jones Enchanted GlassWhen Andrew’s grandfather, the magician Jocelyn, dies he leaves Andrew his house and field-of-care along with his housekeeper Mrs. Stock and his groundskeeper Mr. Stock (not related). Along comes Aidan, a teenager from London on the run from Stalkers after his grandmother’s death, seeking refuge with the wizard his grandmother had been communicating for decades, only to find Andrew in place of the magician he was looking for. Andrew takes Aidan in only to discover that his inheritance entails a lot more than a house and surrounding lands and that he has to rediscover a lot of magical knowledge he has forgotten about since his childhood days at his grandfather’s place. The world is subtly different within the field-of-care, safer and more turbulent as well. There are magical counterparts to the people in his life, some friendly, some out to get Aidan to deliver him to their king. Andrew and Aidan need to find ways to reinforce the magical wards around Andrew’s field-of-care and to make sure that the mysterious, reclusive Mr. Brown will not take over the land in Andrew’s care.The characters populating this novel are fleshed out lovingly, each with their individual traits and peculiarities. Even though they don’t seem to see eye to eye most of the time, are headstrong, grumpy, and stubbornly pursuing their own ends, they band together whenever there’s danger from outside to defend and protect Aidan and the field-of-care.The shifting perspectives took some getting used to, but this was an overall heart-warming tale about the combined efforts to save a rather idyllic little place and grow into a family at the same time.