Fables Vol. 16: Super Team - Bill Willingham I am still a bit undecided. I won’t join those who claim that the series has run its course and that Willingham should put it to an end, because that’s just sheer nonsense, in my opinion. Willingham will never cease to amaze and I just know it in my bones that there are many more twists and turns just waiting to spill onto paper. There are many more myths, tales, and genres Willingham will surely find a way to wave into this amazing story.I loved how Pinocchio and Ozma tried to put together a Super Team of Fables in order to face and defeat Mr. Dark. The idea that applicants would have to pass a casting where they presented their respective super powers (or lack thereof) and their imaginative explanations why they should make part of the team was hilarious. The relatively short showdown was kind of a letdown, but probably in line with the superhero theme. I’m not sure what to make of he whole Bufkin story, but have to admit that I’m not familiar with his origins in folklore or fairy tale and was never interested enough to investigate.I’m pretty sure that Willingham is not finished with Geppeto yet (or that Gepetto is done with his plotting for the gain of power) and I wouldn’t be surprised if politics flared up again once the imminent threat (Mr. Dark) has been disposed of.I’m infinitely curious as to what will become of Nurse Spratt. I hope there’s more to come involving this character.