A Tangle of Magicks - Stephanie Burgis Now that I knew what to really expect from Burgis’ novels, A Tangle of Magicks was a much more enjoyable reading experience than A Most Improper Magick. Things still happen too quickly and a number of issues are left unexplained, but it’s fun to see Kat save the day and (almost) every one of the novel’s characters. Again, the villain was rather visible from his very first appearance, but that’s the author’s style and intention – there’s nothing wrong with that. The real question and the heroine’s quest is whether Kat would be able to reveal the truth (and make the “higher authorities,” i.e. the guardians, believe in her and give her a second chance) despite all the lies and slander that are circulated about her and her family. Would she be able emerge victorious despite the upper-class gossips’ attempts discrediting her or would her reputation be ruined once and for all?I really like how Burgis is dealing with the (“evil”) stepmother trope, which alone would be reason enough to read on.It’s very light reading, but fairly enjoyable if you keep your expectations in check.