The Plucker - Brom After having read only a few pages I felt awfully guilty about having discarded my childhood toys in a fit of rage at my parents and with the scathing declamation that "Childhood is obviously over for me." And I used to care so much for my toys when I was a child. Not one was allowed to feel neglected. Even the dolls I did not particularly like and never played with anyway were arranged in a circle to keep each other company and entertained. :o) But that was all so very long ago and still Brom's writing succeeded in instantly provoking these feelings of guilt and regret. It is quite plain from the beginning that this is not a children's book. Even though I found the illustrations of the foulthings rather cute, it quickly became apparent that they are, in fact, neither cute nor cuddly. The story told is full of violence and colourful blood and mutilations. It's disturbing and utterly captivating. A real page-turner!