JPod - Douglas Coupland I enjoyed this book very much. All families are psychotic will forever be my favourite Coupland novel, but I was grinning and laughing through various parts of jPod and found myself nodding in agreement at several of the statements. Especially, the discourse on autism by Ehan’s girlfriend were quite entertaining, in my opinion.It’s amazing what the characters get away with and still remain (somewhat) likeable.The appearance of Douglas Coupland as a fictional character in this novel did not irritate me at all, as it seems to have done several other readers. Meta-fiction is always fun, but I chose not to ponder possible implications this time, but just accept it and read on for pure entertainment. Also…the fictional Coupland is not a nice guy. He’s arrogant, condescending, patronizing..all qualities I absolutely hate in people, but which made the jPod Coupland that much more fun.I loved the insertion of all the little games and quizzes (prime numbers, π, etc.) as well.All in all, a lovely and entertaining read. Nevertheless, I decided to push the other Coupland novels on my to-read list back a little to avoid od-ing. :)