Deadhouse Gates - Steven Erikson Finally finished Deadhouse Gates, on to the next one! I'm pretty sure that I will completely lose track of events and characters in Memories of Ice. Maybe it's a blessing that Erikson kills off some of the characters at the end...or is he? ;o)Although I was disappointed at first that we do not meet all of the folks crowding Gardens of the Moon, I grew rather fond of those who joined the party in the second book. I already ordered the next few installments in the series in the hope of seeing them all again. I’m not as excited about The Malazan Book of the Fallen as about A Song of Ice and Fire or the Codex Alera or Gentlemen Bastards series, but it’s quite entertaining in the meantime and the characters really grew on me. However, I shouldn’t have bought the mass market paperback edition, since the typos really got on my nerves most of the time (yes, I am like that!). Don’t know if the other editions are any better with regard to typeset, though…it was commented elsewhere that a more thorough editing might have done the series worlds of good. It’s still an enjoyable read if you like your fantasy bloody, gritty, and with a nice layer of dry humour on top of it all. There are characters you’ll love and some you’ll love to hate.