Revival, Vol. 1: You're Among Friends

Revival, Vol. 1: You're Among Friends - Mark Englert, Mike Norton, Tim Seeley


I’m not really into zombies but that’s quite irrelevant since there are no zombies in Revival. Only a couple of people in Wausau, Wisconsin who used to be dead and then came alive again one day – much to the surprise of those who were prepared to bury or cremate them. The local citizens call them “revivers” and are trying to figure out how to deal with their newly revived relatives and the unwanted media attention they their suddenly animated state has brought to he little town of Wausau.

There are numerous questions. Why are they here? What is the meaning and their purpose? Are they good? Are they evil? Why did only these people get revived but no one else, no one who died at a later time, not even those who were (accidentally?) killed by the revivers? Most importantly, how does being alive again affect their psyche? And: ARE THEY EVIL?!? ARE THEY JUST BIDING THEIR TIME BEFORE THEY KILL EVERYONE???! What’s up with the super-fast healing, even of wounds that should be fatal? What’s up with the re-growing teeth? TEETH! There’s powerful symbolism there, I’m sure. And what’s the role of the creepy exorcist/demonologist guy? And when’s the next book coming out?

I can hardly wait to read more about what is going on in Wausau, Wisconsin. February 2012 turns out to be a splendid month considering the graphic novels I chose to pick up.dering the graphic novels I chose to pick up.