Snuff [Discworld]

Snuff - Terry Pratchett Sam Vimes on vacation.In the countryside.No cobbled stones beneath his feet. Out of his world, out of his depth? Time for contemplation and recuperation?But no, there's crime everywhere, even in the most idyllic places.I loved this novel. Commander Vimes might have been more introspective than usual; some might even accuse him of being uncharacteristically indecisive. I could, however, relate very well to his having to adjust to the new surroundings, sympathise with his need to finding his way in the unfamiliar circumstances, not being perceived by those around him as part of the City Watch but as part of the nobility, not someone of the "common" people, but an outsider.quote (p. 53): "After ten minutes of walking, Vimes was lost. Not physically lost but metaphorically, spiritually and peripaterically lost. The fragrances of the hedgerows were somehow without body compared to the stinks of the city."The insights into the Vimes/Ramkins family life were adorable.Willikins is a superb supporting character.And, as usual, this was a deeply philosophical book about morals, double standards and reflections on people's treatment of those considered different or strange (human rights, animal rights, otherness rights) and the alleged justification therof.