A Most Improper Magick

A Most Improper Magick - Stephanie Burgis I feel compelled to explain that my 3*** rating has little to do with the actual quality of the novel and all with the quality of my reading pleasure and a certain feeling of dissatisfaction upon turning the final page. This is mostly due to the very loving review by Keris and the incredibly high expectations I had because of it. In hindsight, I have to admit that there probably is hardly a book in the world that would fulfil these expectations and that I’m probably doing A Most Improper Magick an injustice with this average rating.While reading A Most Improper Magick I kept reminding myself that this is a YA book, but I couldn’t shake the feeling that I had expected something MORE. More insight into the feelings and motives of Kat and her siblings, more background information on her parents and the magic system. It was pretty clear from the onset who would turn out to be the villain in this piece (and I’m sure that it was intended this way). However, there were so many loose ends and unresolved questions – which is perfectly all right for a first novel in a series, I assume. So, having been in the right mood for YA fiction (and already having bought the second instalment) I read on – and I’m glad I did.I don’t feel all that bad about giving the book a meagre 3*** rating because I’m going to make up for it with the rating of book #2.The cover artwork is really pretty and the pastel colouring of the editions I read gives me a warm and fuzzy feeling just looking at them. :)