Boyfriend from Hell (Saturn's Daughter) - Jamie Quaid

Boyfriend from Hell - Jamie Quaid

Boyfriend from Hell

Even though I didn’t quite figure out the actual layout of the Baltimore area in relation to the Zone most of the action takes place in, I really liked the world building.

The whole “Saturn’s daughter” business seemed a bit unnecessary to me as I would have been totally happy with explaining mutations due to chemical (or whatever!) spills.

I guess that Tina would be walking a thin line between being pleasantly sassy and annoyingly obnoxious for some people, I was lucky enough to enjoy her tone most of the time. She needn’t have repeated quite as often that she didn’t want to rely on or be indebted to other people, but in the end her acceptance of their support firmly grounded her in the secret community and she accepted and embraced her part in it, even though she (like the reader) did not quite understand what being a daughter of Saturn entails. We’ll have to wait for the next part in the series, I presume.

Stories, regardless of whether told in novels or TV shows, mostly work through their character dynamics, Boyfriend from Hell has a great cast of supporting and minor characters who make this a truly entertaining read.