The Devil's Rose - Brom The Devil’s RoseA long time ago Cole did a bad thing to someone he loved. Now he’s a soulhunter, chasing fugitive souls to return to the devil for a chance at redeeming himself to the one he hurt. His current assignment leads him to the trail of someone who is more than a runaway crook, someone more powerful, someone with a different goal, someone who will ultimately change Cole’s perception of what he is doing and to what end and who will provide Cole with the opportunity to reconsider the choices he made and maybe even choose a different path – if Cole is daring enough to take on the horrors Hell will throw at him on his way to his lost love and redemption.The artwork is again stunning, even though I was almost thrown off by a slight resemblance between Cole and Hugh Jackman’s Van Helsing.The Devil’s Rose was not quite as captivating as The Plucker for me, but I found the characterisation of the two priest/preacher types who are only portrayed in passing particularly interesting.