How to Survive Peer Review - Elizabeth Wager, Fiona Godlee, Tom Jefferson If only all (or just some) researchers submitting their papers here and there would read this little book. It's really short, guys! And it's got little purple boxes with tips or check lists. It's quite amusing too (well, it is to me, maybe not so much to people who actually want to see their work published in a scientific journal): there are boxes titled: "How to ensure that your paper is rejected" (one example from the list comprising 18 points: “- adopt a ponderous and wordy style and try to make everything ambiguous – after all, if readers can understand the stuff, it can’t be that clever”)and "How to ensure that you never present your work at a conference" (point 1: “- pick the conference solely by the exotic destination”). Honestly, it would make my life easier if some authors/researchers read this book and followed some of the instructions at least. I usually leaf through this book when at work and not in the mood to deal with a particularly obnoxious author. It comforts me. I feel as if the authors of this book are on my side.:o)Edit: Just to clarify: All the authors I have been dealing with at work this week are absolutely lovely people. Some even have a sense of humour!