I Shall Wear Midnight (Discworld, #38) - Terry Pratchett The previous Tiffany Aching books did never range among my favourite Pratchett novels. I couldn't quite relate to Tiffany, who always seemed a little distant to me (and an insufferable know-it-all to boot). I finally fell in love with her, mostly because of her second thoughts... and third thoughts... and the occasional fourth thoughts. :o)I always felt that Pratchett's books for children were a lot more serious and sombre than the average Discworld novel. And I honestly almost cried at the end because of the book's finality. This is the final instalment in the Tiffany Aching series, I'm sure of it.What a beautiful epilogue! J.K.Rowling should have a look and check out how it's done properly. ;)Oh, and ...Eskarina Smith! 'nuff said."'I am sorry to have taken up your time. But I need to be getting on; I have so many things to do. Do you know what the time is?''Yes,' said Eskarina. 'It is a way of describing one of the notional dimensions of four-dimensional space. But for your purposes, it's about ten fourty-five.'"